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About myself

So uhh... I guess this is the place, where I introduce myself... My name is Steven, greetings from Germany! I have always loved the internet and games since I was born. Thank you for visiting; I hope you enjoy it here!

Story and how i got my username

About in 2008 I started to frequently access the internet. I wasn't really producing any content, although I loved discovering people's sites and checking them out. I could spend several hours with some people's sites because of the badly organized design, the sites felt like whole worlds and you could discover more and more content with every hidden "CLICK ME" button. I didn't know much English, I wasn't even in pre-school yet though I started learning English... well... through the Internet and especially flash sites, where I would spend a long time on. I also used to call my big brother often, so he could translate me some words to German, when I was playing PS1 games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1. But he quickly got annoyed of course.

In the beginning of 2011, I started playing Minecraft and I remember I didn't know what name to pick because previously everywhere on the internet I had different names everywhere and I thought I should just have one for everything. I saw someone on YouTube that created a mod in Minecraft, which adds emeralds into the game, back then emerald ore didn't natively exist in Minecraft. I was impressed that he managed to do that, because I had no idea of that stuff back then. I quickly grew interest in naming myself something about gems, so I named myself "Emaraldy" with an embarrassing typo which nobody weirdly never noticed, until I did of course an then changed it to "Emeraldy". I had great times with Minecraft, but those were over in about late 2014 because of stupid kids destroying the game and Mojang contributing to that... Later Microsoft even bought Minecraft out and made the whole situation worse. About year later, I got pissed off of edgelords asking me if I play Minecraft, because weirdly a lot of people associate emeralds directly with Minecraft so I just figured out, I could name myself "Emrldy". With that name, my friends on the internet would still easily recognize me and people stopped annoying me, but often people had trouble pronouncing my name verbally :) So yeah, that's about it